Rent Rooms in Buenos Aires, a beautiful south american city which touches of European Art

Buenos Aires is a pretty big city and you will have lots of different things to do while you stay here. In order to see as many attractions as you can, we advice you to rent rooms in Buenos Aires for at least 5 days so you have time to walk around and visit the most important tourist and non tourist places around.

One important thing to have in mind if you are about to rent rooms in Buenos Aires is the weather. Buenos Aires has 4 very different seasons in terms of temperature: Summertime (mid November-February) is very hot and temperatures can be be close to 90-100F or 30-40C.

Winter time (May-August) can be as cold as 35-50F or 5-10C but never colder than that. It NEVER snows. So if you want to avoid those extreme weathers maybe it would be wise to come and visit during Springtime or Autumn. If you can’t stay very long in the city and you won’t have time to walk around, the best option would be to take the yellow city tour bus which will take you all around the city.

If you are a football/soccer then you definitely want to rent a room in Buenos Aires close to the River Plate Stadium so you can visit to visit it and attend the games on Sunday. It is the biggest sport’s related construction of the city.

It is located in one of the safest areas in Buenos Aires and you can arrive there by taking the city’s yellow bus or public transportation. Opening hours are from 10am-7pm every day of the week.

If you want to rent rooms in Buenos Aires you have to know that the city is divided into neighborhoods, the most recognized ones are: Monserrat,Palermo,Puerto Madero,Recoleta,San Telmo & El Caminito de La Boca. Each place has it’s own history and architecture.
Palermo: orientated more for younger people, is full of bars, restaurants and clubs.

It’s divided in 3 different sub-areas (Hollywood for restaurants,SoHo where it’s more residential, and Palermo Viejo) Monserrat & San Telmo: Typical Tango Style looking places full of historic places and tango dancing attractions. Puerto Madero: The newest neighborhood in the city. It’s a very nice and modern residential area with a mix of sky scrapers and big green parks. Recoleta: a trendy area full of exclusive brands and very nice European looking architecture all around.

You will find many different types of rooms in Buenos Aires, shared, entire apartment, lofts, hotels, etc. You need to carefully look for what it works best for your trip. The wide range of offers makes it pretty easy.

Rent Rooms in Buenos Aires,a very popular South American city

Any person doing a bit of research regarding rooms in Buenos Aires will quickly determine that among the South American cities Buenos Aires are one of the most visited locations on the continent. This is also a very old city with a rich culture which has been observed for over 400 years. There has been many cultural influences coming from earlier inhabitants but mingling with European visitors also had an impact on the architecture of the city. Most travelers are fully aware of the fact that the “Tango” was developed in Argentina and for those who would like to master this dance there is no better place than Buenos Aires to get some expert lessons or if you prefer to only watch there is no other place where you will be able to see it performed as it is done here in Buenos Aires. Besides these above-mentioned things there are an incredible amount of very popular tourist attractions spread out all over Buenos Aires that will satisfy even the most critical tourists.

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A glimpse of a beautiful city by the people who decided to rent rooms in Buenos Aires just like you are about to do

soccer_ball Rent rooms in Buenos Aires and also Play Football/Soccer

Rooms in Buenos Aires

FC BAFA Football Amigos

Are you ready to play football/soccer? There is in Buenos Aires what is known as Buenos Aires Fútbol Amigos or otherwise known as BAFA and this organization if you will is basically a group of both men and women who are united together in Buenos Aires for the primary purpose of playing football, to form new friendships, to socialize and to learn new cultures. This group is made up of footballers from virtually every nationality and there are people who are newcomers to football and there are also professional football players and everyone is very tolerant of the other footballers which are joined to their ranks. The contagious attraction of Buenos Aires is something which is a well-known both among residents and also visitors from foreign nations. There is so much to experience and learn in this capital of Argentina. Football is just a natural way to unite people across cultural and national divides.

Besides having the reputation as one of the largest American cities this city holds a very large attraction for a wide variety of people. There is so much in this Argentinian capital which is extremely intriguing and many people find that they simply cannot stay away for too long. Although the BAFA organization is going through a constant metamorphoses process as people come and go because of other responsibilities or because they are in search of other adventures in distant locations yet there are always a core group of permanent members who remain and they continue to practice football and to provide new footballers from the region to develop and they provide them with opportunities to participate in this contagious BAFA experience. Those who are visiting from other countries has a lot to see and experience besides their affinity with football there are so many century old tourist attractions spread through the Argentinian capital. This is indeed an amazing country with its Spanish heritage and other cultural influences which is one of the reasons why this country continues to amaze tourists.

Rooms in Buenos Aires

Pikas Futbol – Meetup Group

BAFA’s primary objective is to provide footballers with as many possible opportunities to engage in this exciting sport and everything which it stands for. Although the competition is fierce every member of BAFA whether visiting or a resident Argentinian knows that the primary objective is the love of the sport as it is expressed in the BAFA logo which reads, “Unidos en Diversidad” which translates as United in diversity. Members of BAFA has maintained an open invitation to all lovers of football to join their ranks at any time and to become part of the very essence and spirit of BAFA with the primary objective of forming long-lasting relationships and in the process to improve football skills among permanent and visiting members. This excellent initiative has allowed Argentinian players to become excellent ambassadors of the country because it provided them with an opportunity to introduce foreign footballers to Argentinian culture and history and they have every intention to continue with this noble endeavor.